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SalesCPR Campaign Kit (created by Steve Rosenbaum)

List Price: $499.99
Price: $499.99

Your Past Customers Are Waiting To Buy From You Again Right Now!

Time-tested, proven process has helped businesses of all types and sizes find fast sales, in any economy.

The SalesCPR campaign is a 3-day event designed to capture the attention of your past customers that want to do business with you again. Our professional copywriters drive interested customers to optimized landing pages that elicit valuable information to help you and your team identify your hottest prospects and close more sales.

Steve Rosenbaum's SalesCPR Past Customer Reactivation Program has been used by countless businesses of all types and sizes to find fast sales in less than 3 days.

Done For You & Ready To Go!

Customized to leverage LeadOutcome's sophisticated automation and tools, you can download all of the emails, campaigns, landing pages and proprietary rules into your system in less than 5 minutes!

Then simply edit the templates to fit your needs and your ready start ringing your sales register!

Best yet, BLMA's "Infini-Track" automation automatically runs future campaigns ensuring that you maximize the value of each and every customer and never let another opportunity or missed sale fall through the cracks.

  • Pre-Written Emails

    Created by our professional copywriters to ensure you get the highest participation in your campaign.

  • Email Templates

    Professionally designed email templates make your company look good.

  • Email Campaigns

    Strategically created to segment your contacts and target them with the right message at exactly the right time... every time!

  • Landing Pages

    Professionally optimized landing pages ensure you get maximum conversion at every stage of your campaign.

  • Video Training

    Learn from "The Original Back End Specialist", himself! Businesses around the world pay him thousands of dollars to teach them what Steve will teach you in these training videos.

  • Rules

    Your Campaign Kit employs scores of sophisticated rules to carefully analyze every contact at every step of the campaigns. These rules operate behind the scenes to ensure that everything operates correctly and that no opportunity falls through the cracks.

  • Reports

    Gain insights into your customer base and business that you've never had before. Your Campaign Kit contains custom reports to show you your success at each and every stage.

  • "Infini-Track™"

    Maximize the value of each and every customer. Your Campaign Kit utilizes BLMA's exclusive "Infini-Track" process to automatically schedule future campaigns so that you never lose touch of your customers again!

SalesCPR Campaign Kit Really Works - Case study

Instantly Available In Your LeadOutcome Account

Order the SalesCPR Campaign Kit and all of the emails, campaigns, rules, programming and more will be instantly added to your LeadOutcome system so that you can immediately start new campaigns!

All of this for just $40.00 per month! There are no contracts, so if you are not happy, you can cancel at any time!

Steve Rosenbaum photo
About Steve Rosenbaum

​Marketing automation and sales and marketing process expert Steve Rosenbaum has been dubbed by many as "The Original Back End Specialist" because of his uncanny knack of helping businesses of all types maximize sales and profitability. Read more about Steve.

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List Price: $499.99
Price: $499.99
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  • Lead Import Wizard
  • Unlimited Opt-In Forms
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  • Lead Import Wizard
  • Unlimited Opt-In Forms
  • Unlimited 1-Click Library
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Tracking & Scoring

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